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For Sale: 2018 Tesla Model 3

As much as I’d like to keep our model 3 (we love it and I personally love the look) it doesn’t make sense for us right now. Our 2022 Model Y is due to arrive next month. So, we’re selling “Reddy” our red Model 3. Here’s the details:
2018 Model 3, VIN number indicates it was the 111,979th of the Gen 1 model. So, early model. I ordered it on April 1, 2016 and took possession November 18, 2018. It currently has 53,413 miles on it.
The main features are:
Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD) including an upgrade to the V3 computer hardware and Enhanced Autopilot. This is now a $15,000 add-on to its value. (the price for this option has gone up $5k in the past year and is likely to go up again….but this car already has it!)
White Premium Interior - still in pristine condition
Red Multi-Coat (PPMR) - only 2 minor dings
19’’ Sport Wheels (tires are pretty well gone but I’m keeping them on to show how evenly they wore)
18” Spider Wheels with winter tires with lots of tread left
Long Range All-Wheel Drive - maximum battery capacity is currently 285 miles
100% PPF (paint protection film) done by the best shop in the Twin Cities, a $6,000 value. There are a couple rock dings in the PPF but it has saved the Red Multi-Coat paint from damage.
Lots of little add-ons - performance pedals, JEDA SSD module, screen protector and more
I had the upper and lower control arms of the front end replaced (a known factory defect that Tesla fixed under warranty)
The car is in pretty sweet shape. It drives like a dream and sparkles like a new penny. The interior is spotless. As I previously mentioned, there are some minor dings in the PPF that protected the paint and two small areas where the impact of a rock (and a license plate bolt) dented the finish. Otherwise there’s just one small spot on one 19” wheel where we kissed the curb but overall the wheels are in great shape too.
As close to a cream puff as you can get!
$55,000 firm
located in NE Iowa
serious inquiries only, please. FB Message me.

UPDATE: minutes ago I got a text from Tesla saying my new Model Y is ready for delivery NEXT WEEK! 😱😱😱 Make me a reasonable offer!

Posted by Jim F. 10 days ago
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