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For Sale: Custom Built Chicken Coop

Now that we found new homes for our chickens, we need to find a new home for our coop. It's homemade and very sturdy, but well-used and needs some TLC. I pressure washed it, so it's semi-cleaned.

The coop is equipped with a functioning Chicken Guard automatic door opener/closer. I am happy to include (at not charge) the dog kennel tubing that we used for the run. I will also include our leftover gear and accessories, including an unopened bag of pine bedding.

The interior size is 5' wide, 4' deep, and 4' tall (at the front). The coop sits 2' off the ground. The 4x4 posts are treated, to resist rot at the ground. The 2x4s are untreated pine. It has a steel roof and opening/closing plexi window/vent.

- Asking price is $600.
- Located in Decorah, Iowa.
- Email for many more photos, details, and to make offer.

You must haul, and bring "muscle" to help move onto trailer or box truck (I will help, too, but 3-4 people would be ideal).

Posted by Nick 13 days ago
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