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For Sale: HP Ink Cartridges 951XL (C,M,Y) & 950XL (B) - $80

Genuine HP ink cartridges new in box, for a printer I no longer own...

950XL Black - $30
951XL Cyan - $20
951XL Magenta - $20
951XL Yellow - $20

Will sell individually, or take $80 for the lot of all four.

The last three colored cartridges were manufactured some time ago, and have an "expiration date" of 2016. The black cartridge is quite new (expiration 2022). I would be surprised if the older ones don't work just fine, despite the expiration, but thought it should be disclosed.

Email via DecorahNow if you have any questions.

Posted by Steve H. 15 days agoUpdated 12 days ago
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