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Free: In-home behavioral counseling for children ages 4-18

Hi, my name is Jonathan Kobey and I am a BHIS Provider with Heart and Solutions. We are excited to announce that we currently have openings for Behavioral Health counseling (BHIS) in the Winneshiek County area. BHIS is a free, in-home program for children ages 4-18 that have Medicaid. Families with other insurances may also qualify for free services and are encouraged to apply.

We provide in-home counseling services to children ages 4-18 that have a variety of behavioral difficulties, and support them in developing skills in anger management, impulse control, respectful communication, conflict resolution, coping strategies, etc. Please call, text, email, or message me for more information about how we can help you and your family. You can also follow the links below to get more information about our services or to begin the referral process for your child.

Jonathan Kobey BA
Office: 800-531-4236 [email protected] Cell: 708-710-8525

Posted by Jonathan K. 13 days ago

Send an email to [email protected]

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