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For Sale: John Deere TRS27 Electric Start Snowblower. ******550.00*******

I have for sale a real nice electric John Deere Electric start snow blower. This goes through anything and I mean anything. I just recently got it and turns out its to bulky for me. I also bought it for a good price and dont mind letting it go for a little profit. People say all kinds of reasons why they get rid of things but the honest truth is I can profit for something that is not a good fit for me. I used it once today and its a beast that will go through anything. So with that said I am letting it go. This will go fast so dont hesitate to buy it. It is 2 stage self propelled electric start snow blower with lots of power. Light works as well. You can call me at 757-604-2878 Mark

Posted 11 days ago

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