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For Sale: Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth $6,500.00

Comes with:
-the booth is in 2 parts that are fully cased for easy mobility and to keep equipment protected, top section has the DSLR camera and the touch screen computer.
-the bottom section is the printer and extra storage
-I have updated the outside of the top section with strip lights! (Eliminates the need for an external spot light!) also lights the inside to see all the cords
- 2 sets of pipe and drape for backgrounds or walls
- bench and seat cover
-multiple props for dressing up (see pictures- there's a lot!!)
-sun glass case display for prop table
-brand new box of paper and ink, (has 2 rolls of paper and 2 rolls of ink cartridges)
-everything is set and ready to use, and in perfect condition!
-I have made a small user manual with all the settings we use
-user manuals from manufacturers

Posted by Katy 14 days ago
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