Private Voice/Piano Lessons

Private Voice/Piano Lessons

The Regina Noel Music Studio is currently accepting piano and voice students, ages 4 and up. The unique atmosphere caters to individual needs. Studio highlights include: prize box for small children, multisensory activities to enhance learning, study of composition, music history, ear training, game nights to reinforce concepts learned in lessons, Skype lessons (for advanced students unable to travel to Decorah), and recitals and other performances. Vocal students study various styles of music, and how to use the vocal apparatus appropriately for each style. Vocal warm-ups catered to each individual's needs.

Regina Noel Downing has an MA in Education, a BA in Physical Education with a Music Minor, and is an alum of the New York Vocal Coaching Company in NY, NY. Mrs. Downing has been teaching private piano and voice for 9 years, and comes from a strong musical background.

For additional information go to , or contact Mrs. Downing directly at:

[email protected]

Contact: Regina Noel Downing

Posted by Regina Noel D. over 6 years agoUpdated about 4 years ago
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