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For Sale: Van for Hire. Huge Ram Promaster High Top Cargo Van

I have a Huge Cargo Van that I can help you move your belongings. I am a 1 person team. So you would have to help load and unload your belongs. If needed I can get help. My van is the same van FedEx/Amazon uses and can hold lots of items. Your belonging will be loaded and unloaded to your next destination safely. No need to rent a van or truck and have to return it. My van and services are ready to use. Ideally I will move you locally but can move you out of area or even out of state. My services are great for College students moves, Garage sale finds, auction sales, Drop off or Pickup belongings at Depot/Goodwill.
I also drop off or pick up at all regional airports with my person vehicle much cheaper than other services. I live in Decorah
Give me a call 757-604-2878 Mark

Posted by MARK about 2 months agoUpdated 14 days ago
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