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Wanted Ads (16)

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Wanted: Ping Pong table

Looking for a good used ping pong table.

Posted by Sara H. 5 days ago

Wanted: Heartland Valley Village Pieces

Looking for Heartland Valley Village pieces. Please call or text 563-419-2198.

Posted by Sarah 6 days ago

Wanted: Masterpiece Art Auction board game

Would like to buy Masterpiece, an art auction board game. Any edition would be good if in good condition.

Posted by Patricia D. 6 days ago

Wanted: Thanksgiving Pies Wanted

If anyone out there is making pies for Thanksgiving and wouldn't mind doing an extra one or two we could really use them. As you may or may not know the community Thanksgiving meal in Decorah is still happening with some restrictions. (see the Decorah news on-line or your local paper for adjustments)
The ladies that normally makes the pies have opt out this year due to the Covid. Because we are still doing…

Posted by Judy H. 7 days ago

Wanted: fireplace/tv stand

looking for a tv stand with fireplace insert..

Posted 9 days agoUpdated 7 days ago

Wanted: ISO: Cordless or corded screwdriver

Hi Decorahnow!

Looking around to see if anyone has an extra power screwdriver in their garage that they'd like to sell. Open to different brands/styles, please email me if you have one to sell!

Posted by Jenn 14 days ago

Wanted: Northeast Iowa Personal Chef Services- A Splendid Affair

Black and white bow Tie Casual Family Style Maidservant service invisible helper services... Call for details
Delicious Gourmet meals cooked for you and your family. Tired of eating like garbage? Wish you could eat the way you used to before you started slacking off on your menu...20 in Fine Dining Catering cooking services

563 419 9584
Wish you could afford your own personal Chef?
Sunday Morning bookings
Orsdevoure's for your most elegant crowd…

Posted by A Splendid A. 19 days ago

Wanted: griddle and ninja blender

looking for a electric griddle and also a ninja blender

Posted 21 days ago

Wanted: Hanging gas Heater

Wanted hanging gas heater for car garage.

Posted by Craig C. 23 days ago

Wanted: Parakeet Accessories

We are getting 2 parakeets/budgies and need everything they require! We also welcome advice. Cage, food, accessories...? Also any recommendations about the best place to purchase. Thank you! Melinda

Posted by Melinda 24 days ago

Wanted: Please take scrap metal

We have many items on property that might have some value for scrap metal. If you wan to take a look, please text Andy 515-491-6903

Posted by boone 25 days ago

Wanted: Bookshelves and small dressers

Looking for:
-wooden bookshelves: low to medium height
-small to medium dressers that could be carried up narrow, steep steps

We're not particular, but also not able to look at anything particularly expensive.

Posted by Kate A. 25 days ago

Wanted: Looking for Employment

Hello, I am a first-year student at Luther College. I am looking for any off-campus job, salary negotiable. I have worked as a babysitter and tutor in the past. I absolutely adore children. I graduated from my high school, valedictorian, with a weighted GPA of 4.7 and have experience with many subjects including AP courses such as English, Biology, Chemistry, US History, Government and Politics, and Psychology. I feel comfortable enough with my knowledge…

Posted by Jocelyn D. 25 days ago

Wanted: Cross Country Skis

Looking for men's XC skis/poles/boots in good condition. I am 6'2". Thanks!

Posted by Alex 25 days ago

Wanted: Would like to buy used camp chairs or stools

Looking to buy several used folding camp chairs or stools.They don’t have to be pretty!

Posted by Marilyn about 1 month agoUpdated about 1 month ago

Wanted: Looking to purchase land or county house on contract

Looking to purchase country land or an older country house on contract to start a sustainable homestead for our family.

Preferably: 8-35 acres

Wish list but not required: Close to town and running water on the property (creek, spring, etc). Would love to restore an older country home but also willing to construct our own if needed.

Posted about 1 month agoUpdated 22 days ago
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