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Wanted Ads (23)

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Wanted: sleeping bags

looking for sleeping bags,,please let me know if you have any to part with

Posted about 16 hours ago

Wanted: Electric Grain Mill

I'm looking for an electric grain mill, any model will do! Let me know if you have one you would like to sell.


Posted by Maia 4 days ago

Wanted: Maker - Arduino Project

I'm looking for a local maker that would be interested in working on a project with me. If you enjoy working with electronics, and/or soldering, arduino, raspberry pi (PCBs), programming, computers, drills/screws, hand tools, etc, please contact me. Project is for a local non-profit.

Call or txt Sherman @ 563-419-2970

Posted by Sherman W. 5 days ago

Wanted: Stand up Paddle Board good condition

Does anyone have a Stand Up Paddle Board laying around? We’d love to take it off your hands!

Posted by Kate 6 days ago

Wanted: Storage Space: 10 by 10 in your garage or?

The storage units around Decorah are full! Do you have secure extra space in your garage or shed or basement for which I could pay you to put a few items? Contact me ASAP! Thanks!

Posted by Koby J. 7 days ago

Wanted: kitten

looking for a kitten to add to the family, please let me know if any available

Posted 7 days ago

Wanted: Stereo Cabinet *No contact info included*

I am looking for a stereo cabinet like the one in pic. This does not have to work as I will be replacing with my 70s equipment.
Thank you in advance

*If this is your ad please contact [email protected]*

Posted 8 days agoUpdated 6 days ago

Wanted: cactus

looking to start a cactus garden this spring,looking for any that you would want to part with

Posted 8 days ago

Wanted: chicken coop

looking for a small chicken coop

Posted 8 days ago

Wanted: Fence posts, bricks, pavers, etc.

Hi neighbors, I am seeking the following:

-T-posts, u-posts, or similar fence posts
-Bricks of any type, though preferably in decent condition
-Retaining wall blocks, pavers, or similar
-Wire fencing (for garden/yard use)

Will pay cash and pick up promptly.

Posted by Mark 9 days ago

Wanted: Cornhole Boards

Hi, we are looking for a set of cornhole boards! Please let me know if you have any boards you are willing to sell.

Posted by Mark v. 9 days ago

Wanted: yard cleanup

i KNow this is a long shot but hoping I could find someone who would volenteer to do yard clean up..been neglected since last fall

Posted 14 days ago

Wanted: Bathroom Vanity with Top 24-36 Inches Good-Fair Shape

Need a Bathroom Vanity with Top 24-36 Inches Good-Fair Shape for a spare Room..Let em know what you got please

Posted by Randy L H. 15 days ago

Wanted: Clear 5 gal. pails

Looking for a few clear 5 gal. pails. Maybe from bakeries or restaurants. 563-608-1378 phone or text.

Posted 16 days ago

Wanted: Cymbal Stands

Looking for good cymbals stands, need to upgrade my acoustic set and just ordered new cymbals.

Posted by Mike 22 days ago

Wanted: L P Tank

Lookng for a clean used 125 gal LP tank. Must be in good working condition.

Posted by Criag C. 24 days ago

Wanted: 2 story scaffolding

Need to paint 2nd story of house and wash windows, work on ceiling and want to buy small lighter weight scaffold pieces. Call and leave message or text 563 277 2828. Can pick up in or around Decorah Iowa. Thanks

Posted by Nancy E Michael . 25 days ago

Wanted: Looking for a loving home for my two cats

Hi all, I will be moving out of the US after the end of June. Unfortunately I am unable to take my two cats with me. Therefore, I am looking for a home for my cats (Cuddles and Chandler). They are neutered, fully vaccinated, very friendly, and love to cuddle. They are indoor cats, but I will be training them to be outdoors too incase someone wants indoor/outdoor cats. I would like to have…

Posted by Shelja T. 25 days agoUpdated 16 days ago

Wanted: Canoe or Kayak

Open to various models. Thanks!

Posted by Byron 28 days ago

Wanted: Guinea pig

We are looking to adopt a young or pup guinea pig, please contact if available?

Posted by TE 29 days ago

Wanted: Recreational Acreage

Looking for a wooded acreage in Winneshiek or Allamakee County for recreational use. Would look at anything up to 60 acres. Prepared with cash down payment, would consider contract for deed or outright purchase.

Posted 30 days ago

Wanted: What A Relief Cleaning and Epoxy floors! Looking for new customers!

Have you been looking for a weekly, monthly, or one time cleaning for your house, or buisness? Well look no further! Not only do we offer cleaning but we also offer a variety of services from epoxy floor installation, power washing, moving help, and painting! Come book a free estimate on our Facebook page or call 6419035707.

Posted by Anna N. 2 months agoUpdated 14 days ago

Wanted: Buick park avenue

Looking for a 1998 or newer Buick Park Avenue, LeSabre, or Lucerne with out a center counsel. 563-380-011seven

Posted 8 months agoUpdated 10 days ago
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